Peyronie’s Disease Awareness Film

Peyronie’s disease is a medical condition that causes pain and erectile dysfunction. Relevans contacted us and wanted to raise awareness by telling a story about a man suffering from this condition. Wherever he goes, he sees things bending when they should be straight, reminding him of his illness.
On a tight schedule and a restricted budget that wouldn’t allow for hiring professional actors, finding the locations and filming the whole thing, we decided to make a 3D animated short. It may sound counter-intuitive, but by going for a simple, cartoony look, we could deliver a film without compromising the story.
We looked at clay stop motion animation for inspiration, and used simple shapes to create a digital world that still felt physical. By using procedural 3D shaders, we could spend less time texturing and shading each individual object, and spend more time lighting, animating and creating an atmosphere.

Direction, animation & sound design: Depiction
Agency: Relevans (
Art Director: Ludvig Svartz
Music: Sono Sanctus (